K-pop group BTS have teed off against each other and taken part in a sit-down written exam to find out which band member knows the most about their time together.

In the cute video which is part of the K-pop supergroup’s Festa 2021, a celebration of their anniversary spanning several days, the boys sit down for a very formal-looking written exam where they must answer questions about the band and the band members.

Most of the members seem to struggle with a lot of the questions, but it was indeed Jung Kook who basically had no clue about any of the answers and desperately looked at the cameraman for help on numerous occasions. Surprisingly, Jung Kook did really well in his test, tying with J-Hope for the top spot with 82.5 points.

BTS’s fan base, known as ARMY, have taken it upon themselves to answer the questions from the video and Jung Kook is certain that they will kill it.

“I don’t think they’ll get anything below 100, because they know us better than we do,” he said.

“To be honest, I think ARMY will find this easy. I just hope they have fun.”

Jin also agreed with Jung Kook.

“ARMY knows us better than we do. So I think the ARMY will get at least 80,” said Jin after finishing his exam where he scored 65. “Festa gets more original every year.”

The boys were asked a range of questions including which props were used at specific concerts, what ARMY’s official logo is and the date the band got together.

J-hope revealed that taking the exam reminded him of the lustrous career the boys have had over the past eight years.

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“If you look at these questions, they contain our memories, and there are small pockets of joy ARMY experienced liking us mixed in as well,” J-hope said. “Solving this exam made me realize once more just how much ARMY like us, and it reminded me of various processes and many memories.”

Of course, BTS’ dedicated ARMY jumped in and started answering questions from home following the release of the video and have been posting their scores and thoughts on social media.

Watch the entire video of BTS taking an exam about their past below: