After being investigated for marijuana use, K-pop group BTOB member Ilhoon has announced his departure from the group.

Jung Ilhoon, member of K-pop group BTOB, has announced his departure from the act after being investigated for marijuana use.

Jung’s company, Cube Entertainment, released a statement confirming the news.

“Jung Ilhoon feels strong responsibility for breaking the trust of fans and causing disappointment, and he is deeply reflecting. Respecting his opinion to no longer cause harm to the group, it was decided that he will withdraw from the group as of today.” the statement said.

The agency confirmed that BTOB will continue as a six-member act.

Last week, on December 21st, South Korean outlet Channel A reported that had Jung was reportedly under investigation after being caught using marijuana. Police also confirmed that testimonies and bank account activities pointed to Jung using marijuana multiple times until last year, with acquaintances.

Additionally, authorities also reportedly concluded that Jung had used cryptocurrency to procure marijuana to avoid scrutiny.

While Cube Entertainment earlier denied any knowledge of the incident, a follow-up statement released later confirmed the same.

“We checked with Ilhoon himself regarding the news report today, and we confirmed that he has been summoned by the investigative agency and is under investigation for suspicions of smoking marijuana, as the report said.” the statement said.

South Korea has a particularly rigid stance against drug use. Korean law prohibits Korean nationals from using drugs, even if they are in a country where it is legal. Smoking a joint abroad, for example, is punishable by law with a prison sentence of up to five years.

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