A collaboration between Bring Me The Horizon and Yungblud is officially on its way.

On July 25th, the rumour mill that the two British acts were cooking up something together started churning. After Yungblud tweeted Bring Me The Horizon’s Jordan Fish and Oli Sykes: “yo @olobersyko @JordanFish86 … check ur inbox.”

This little morsel sent us all into collective hysteria, with fans theorising that a collaboration between the artists was on its way.

In a recent interview with MTV, Oli Sykes confirmed that a collab is well and truly in the works. When asked about the cryptic tweet, Sykes responded: “yeah we’ve been scheming, we’ve got something coming.”

It’s likely that fans will bear witness to the mind marriage of these two music titans at some point this year. Bring Me The Horizon are in the midst of working on four different EPs, set to be released over the next year.

Jordan Fish revealed that we can expect the collab to appear in an upcoming release. He also revealed that the band have collaborated with a bunch of other artists.

“I think we might kinda like theme our guests a bit more around what’s going on with each EP,” Fish explained. “When we get into the other EPs, it’ll give us a chance to maybe get some other people on who are a bit more left-field or a bit more out of the box for our band.

“Cause we’re gonna have like probably four different kinda EPs with different vibes it gives us a bit more of an opportunity,” He continued. “Whereas on amo, we had three guests there from completely different worlds.”

amo saw the Sheffield metalcore graduates collaborate with Grimes, Dani Filth and Rahzel. The band also released their boundary-pushing mixtape Music to Listen To… or ~Go To~, which saw them collaborate with artists like Halsey, Happyalone., and Bexley.

Check out ‘Parasite Eve’ by Bring Me The Horizon:

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