This weekend, the single most useless event in the history of mankind went down. A Straight Pride Parade took to the streets of Boston to campaign for… we’re not quite sure.

It was well and truly the most exemplary display of stupidity that we’ve ever witnessed. The gargantuan flop of an event was organised by a group called Super Happy Fun America. Thankfully, the whole thing was a gigantic failure. Various reports have recorded that under 200 people rocked up in support of Straight Pride, whilst a counterprotest boasted an attendance of over a thousand.

During a recent Twitch Livestream, Panic! At The Disco frontman, Brendon Urie was asked how he felt about the whole shambolic straight pride affair.

“Is that a thing? straight pride month? Yikes,” he responded.

“It’s like the all lives matter, bro that’s not the point… we know all lives matter,” Urie continued. “But certain people are being fucking disenfranchised and killed.”

“Is that real, straight pride month? Get the fuck out of here dude. We don’t care that you are straight.”

God bless Brendon Urie. Check out the video below.