You might recall that a few months back, Panic! At The Disco frontman Brendon Urie had to move house because of the sheer level of fan mail and obsessive fandom that came in his direction. Now, Brendon has had to announce that he can no longer meet fans after his Kinky Boots performances, because fans are too dangerous and disrespectful.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, Urie shared a message that undoubtedly broke the hearts of thousands of his fans. “Hey I love y’all,” he began. “But I can’t keep coming out to stage door when you scream in my face and don’t listen. So I’m done hope to see y’all later.”

Understandably, this sort of thing can provide both an unsafe environment for both fans, and Brendon, so it’s completely understandable that he’s had to stop doing this, but it should never have come to this. Even Brendon Urie’s security gaurd, Zack Cloud Hall, had taken to Twitter to plead with fans to calm down previously. “I asked you guys several times not to push,” he wrote. “I know it wasn’t you at the front. Sorry you had to suffer for mob mentality.”

While it’s certainly fun to meet your idols and get them to sign your memorabilia after a performance, it’s definitely not cool to treat them in such a way that they have to alter their behaviour just to live their life because they feel unsafe. Here’s hoping though that Brendon’s message gets through to fans, and that he’s able to go back out to meet and greet again in the future.