@k_powell98 couldn’t contain her love for Boys of Fall any longer, and so she has decided to hit us up and sing the praises of this phenomenal band! 

@k_powell98 wanted to spread the news about her current fave band, Boys of Fall, and told us what she loves about their music and their Instagram layout. All it took was for her to tag the band underneath one of our posts, and we got in contact with her right away!

The band are heavily inspired by our faves Fall Out Boy, if you didn’t quite catch the unique name.

We decided to ask her about how exactly she found the band, why she loves them so much and what she adores about them as a collective. What originally started out as a joke lead to one of the most incredible Instagram discovery stories that we have ever heard. We received a lot of fan submissions, but this one was the wildest story of exploration and you have to check it out.

How did you first discover the band?

“So it’s actually a funny story about how I discovered them. I was joking with my friend about Fall Out Boy and I said: ‘I wonder if there are parody bands like Boy Out Fall or something like that’ and so I ended up searching for them on Instagram and I found Boys Of Fall!” By searching #falloutboy, @k_powell98 was able to find her brand new favourite band and loads of amazing related content

“I decided to check out their music just to see what it was like and I fell in love.”

What do you love about Boys of Fall?

“They have a great sound and really awesome lyrics. I recently went to see them in Atlanta and I got to meet them! They were the most appreciative and down to earth group of people I’ve ever met. They had a killer show and they made the evening feel so special.”

@k_powell98 even sent us in this lovely photo of her with the band!

Boys of Fall

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