Billie Eilish has released her new single ‘Therefore I Am’ and an accompanying music video, which sees her dancing around in glee.

For all the stuff that’s gone down in 2020, Billie Eilish has had quite a big year in terms of music. After starting the year with the release of her James Bond banger ‘No Time To Die‘, she followed that up with the stunningly beautiful ‘my future‘, and now she’s seemingly capping off the year with her latest bop ‘Therefore I Am’.

Whereas her last couple of singles were a bit melancholy and melodic, ‘Therefore I Am’ is an attitude-filled song built on a slick hip hop-like beat.

So go and have fun/I really couldn’t care less/And you can give him my best,” sings Eilish early on in the song, before revealing how the song is about shrugging off someone whom she no longer cares about: “I’m not your friend… or anything.

Released alongside the single is a surprisingly joyous music video. Directed by Eilish herself, the video is a five-minute happiness showcase that finds the singer cheerfully dancing around a deserted shopping mall, which is described as “a familiar stomping ground for Billie during her early teen years.”

Between just happily running around the empty floors to raiding all the fast food places that have left freshly cooked food out in the open for some reason, it’s actually pretty nice seeing Billie just merrily enjoying herself and getting up to shenanigans in this music video.

There’s little doubt this is another hit for the singer and it certainly looks like Billie Eilish is finishing 2020 even stronger than she started in terms of her ever-growing global domination (much to the chagrin of the Trump administration).

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Check out ‘Therefore I Am’ by Billie Eilish:

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