Billie Eilish has made no secret of the mental struggles she’s experienced while growing up in the lime light. Now, the 19 year old has given more insight into feeling ‘broken’ in the her new Apple TV+ documentary, ‘The World’s a Little Blurry’.

Midway through the documentary Eilish reveals that she suffered a hip injury when she was 13 that prevented her being a serious dancer.

“Everything I’ve ever loved, I’ve had to give up,” Eilish shared of the injury which is focussed on in a poignant exchange with her mum, Maggie Baird.

A scene shows Baird chastising her daughter for not doing her physical therapy and encouraging her to make an effort to mend herself.

“I gave you the exercises to do it but you actually do have to do it. Every day,” Baird says in the documentary. “And the days when you don’t have a show, you have to almost do more because you have to work out. We’re trying to make it so you don’t get injured anymore, we’re trying to heal your body so you don’t go on interviews and say, ‘my body is broken.’ We’re going to heal your body.”

Implying that she’s not just physically broken, but emotionally broken too, Eilish responds, “My body is always going to be broken, even if I heal it,” she says adamantly. “It will have been broken a million times.”

“If something breaks a bunch of times it’s broken. Even if you fix it, it’s still been broken.”

The scene flashes to some scribbled notes that Eilish has written and one of them reads, “No matter what happens, I will always love be broken” 

It’s not the first time that Eilish has linked her mental health to this specific injury. In 2019 the pop star opened up to Rolling Stone about her battle with depression, that stemmed from the dance injury.

“It sent me down a hole. I went through a whole self-harming phase — we don’t have to go into it. But the gist of it was, I felt like I deserved to be in pain.”

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The entire documentary ‘The World’s A Little Blurry’ can be watched on Apple TV+. View the trailer below: