Billie Eilish will perform at the 2020 Democratic Convention, joined onstage by John Legend and others. The event will be broadcast online.

Billie Eilish has stepped into democracy, and I’m already predicting she will sing ‘bad guy’ or ‘when the ‘party’s over’ in a direct swing at the Republican party. Either way, she will joined by the Chicks, Maggie Rogers, John Legend, Leon Bridges, Jennifer Hudson, Common, Stephen Stills, and others. The event will take place August 17-20.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden will accept his nomination at the end of the ceremony, joined by running mate Kamala Harris. Harris will be  the first woman of colour VP if the Democrats win. At least 2020 has something in its favour.

Eilish in “true blue” Democrat colours is palpable, and you can tell she’s going to absolutely kill it when she appears on August 19. BRB, setting a reminder on my phone even though the timezone’s going to mess with me.

It’s fitting that a singer who recently released a single about her future, cares so much about the future of her country. Billie Eilish has a future that’s already pretty bright, having won the Grammy award for Album of the Year and being the youngest to do so.

According to the reports, Stephanie Cutter, 2020 Democratic National Convention program executive, said in a statement, “These artists are committed to engaging with, registering, and mobilizing voters to get us over the finish line in November.”

November isn’t just about the nominations for Eilish. The latest James Bond flick is slated to come out then (please Lord), and your gal’s singing the theme song ‘No Time to Die.’ Oh, and there was that time she urged for more action on climate change with Greta Thunberg because we definitely have no time to die from that.

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I’m not saying we nominate Billie for Pres, but she already has the essence of a future leader and I am so here for it.