Billie Eilish fans have absolutely lost their shit after the singer posted an Instagram pic with the caption, “i love girls” alongside a pic of her sticking her tongue out.

After just a few hours of the post being live, it racked up more than six million likes and commenters interpreted the caption as the 19-year-old coming out.

“BRO IS SHE SAYING WHAT I THINK SHE’S SAYING,” one commenter wrote, while another said: “IS THIS YOU COMING OUT?”

“I love her and understand shes got a lot of responsibility and pressure on her as a 19 year old, but if she doesnt address the fact that this is queer bating/comes out as gay or bi, Im not gonna be able to support her anymore. – a bi woman,” added another fan as a comment on her Instagram video.

As of now the popular post is sitting at well over the 12 million marks of likes and boasts 124,000 comments.

Earlier this month Eilish released a video clip for her song ‘Lost Cause’ which featured a bunch of her girlfriends dressed in skimpy lingerie and PJ’s dancing around the living room and having pillow fights at a slumber party.

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The singer’s latest song and video clip have certainly taken the internet by storm, and some fans simply cannot get enough. The superstar posted a clip of the vid to her IG and she was inundated with fans absolutely freaking out.

However, there are other fans that have accused Eilish of “selling out”.

“I’m sad that it looks like the industry is putting her in a position where body display (which isn’t bad on its own) rather than her style with crazy clothes for views is just shoved right down her throat. Love the video, just sad to see her kinda being changed into the average by the industry. Gorgeous woman, should be proud of her body. It just felt like every other video tho :/,” commented one upset fan.

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Listen to ‘Lost Cause’ by Billie Eilish: