We’ve been searching Instagram Explore for some hidden gems online, and we’ve found the most perfect Billie Eilish cover we’ve heard all year.

We were coasting through the #acoustic tag in our spare time and stumbled upon something really special.

Pilu Gough from Buenos Aires singing Billie Eilish and Khalid’s ‘Lovely’ is everything we could’ve asked for and more. I guess Christmas came early this year?

This vid was uploaded late September, and we’re just so glad it didn’t miss our attention. Pilu sings with extraordinary grace and talent, with a voice reminiscent of someone like Hayley Williams or Billie Eilish herself. You can check out the cover below:

This isn’t the first time that this incredible cover artist and singer has performed Billie Eilish tunes either.

A few weeks before her amazing cover of ‘Lovely’, Gough posted a cover of ‘When the Party’s Over’, which is by far one of the saddest Eilish songs that exists at the moment.

The cover, as expected, almost made us cry, because the song just tugs on all of our heartstrings at once. Plus, we just love Gough’s voice so much.

‘Lovely’ was recorded by songwriter Billie Eilish in collaboration with Khalid for the second season of Netflix’s incredibly popular series, 13 Reasons Why.

In an interview with Zane Lowe, Billie Eilish said of the song that:

“We called it [lovely] because the song was sort of really freaking depressing so then it’s like oh, how lovely. Just taking everything horrible like you know what this is great. I’m so happy being miserable.”

And we’ve been in love with the tune ever since it came out, mixing heartfelt lyricism with swooning melodies that just build up throughout the entire track.

You can listen to the full original song and watch the video, featuring a glass box and ever-looming storm clouds, below