Billie Eilish has inadvertently sparked fierce online debate over a seemingly innocuous pair of coloured shoes. 

The straight-up pandemonium all began during a routine Q&A session over on Eilish’s Instagram account, where she was asked the immortal question about that dress.

ICYMI, ‘The Dress’ was a frock that went viral five years ago for by dividing millions of people as to its true colour scheme.

While some insisted it was blue and black, others could only see white and gold, and it has since become the stuff of optical illusion legend.

After weighing in on the argument (for the record, she appears to be firmly team blue and gold), Eilish innocently described a similar scenario that had occurred in her own life.

“Years ago I was wearing these shoes and my dad was like, ‘Wow those shoes are so cool, what are those, like pink and white’?” she said.

Eilish then proceeded to show a close up of the shoes in question, a pair of Nike Air More Uptempo sneakers.

“Pink and white?! Pink and white? Oh my god,” she said, while insisting that the shoes are in fact mint green and white.

Although she went on to share a photo of the shoes uploaded by an online store that clearly depicted them as green and white, she quickly became inundated with comments taking her dad’s side.

Incredulous as to the number of people who believed the shoes to be pink and white, she playfully accused the “whole internet” of “gaslighting” her.

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“I’ve come to the conclusion that you guys just don’t know your sneakers at all,” she said, “I don’t care what you think they look like, I care what they are!”

Ultimately, Eilish managed to have the last word thanks to her reference to recent sexist commentary around her body.

“Real quick, before you keep arguing or whatever the fuck, the entire internet has been calling me fat for an entire week so let me have this,” she concluded.

Personally, I can see the shoes as either mint and white or pink and white, which only serves to make the whole fiasco even more confusing.

Check out Billie Eilish showcasing the now-infamous shoes:

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