Billie Eilish from the get-go has created on her own terms, breaking the mould set by the industry.

And now she’s forged her very own mould, being the latest music artist to become immortalised as a set of collectible action figures.

The action figure set is called the In-Video Doll Series and is comprised of a set of two figures, each based on two of her singles. Those being ‘Bad Guy’ and ‘All The Good Girls Go To Hell’.

As per the product description, the Bad Guy figure is described as featuring, “a life-like head sculpt, rooted hair, real fabric signature yellow outfit, classic yellow tennis shoes and accessories.” And once you take a look at the figure for yourself, you’ll see that they did a great job of recreating Billie straight out of the ‘Bad Guys’ video clip.

The figure is currently available to purchase from Zing, coming in at $70.

The second figure in the set is the All The Good Girls figure is a “fully moulded” action figure is described as highly detailed and authentically decorated to represent the song’s video clip in ‘All The Good Girls Go To Hell’ video clip, in which Eilish falls out of the sky and down to earth into a swamp of oil.

The figure also features “18 points of articulation and comes with “3-pivot point, back wings”.

Right now the All The Good Girls figure isn’t available to purchase in Australia, however it is accessible to purchase via various online platforms, including being available for pre-order on EIlish’s website for $19.99 USD.

Doing her best to keep her climate change values aligned with merch, both collectibles come in an eco-friendly, corrugated clear box which can also transform into a dioramic display.

So what do you think? Not a bad Christmas gift for the biggest Billie Eilish fan you know.

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