Vans Warped Tour is about to kick off across the continental United States in a matter of days. With such an incredible lineup, it’s hard to know where to start, this year! So Don’t Bore Us have gone through the entire lineup, and now bring you our definitive guide to the best bands on Warped Tour- 2017 Edition!

1. Creeper

Creeper is great for many reasons. These British punks are the biggest buzz-band on the lineup this year, and are worth checking out. Ever since they started, they’ve been on a pathway to world domination and people just can’t stop talking about them. You can catch them all summer long on the Full Sail University Stage at Warped Tour.

2. Jule Vera

If you haven’t already heard of Jule Vera, consider this your formal introduction. Jule Vera aren’t new to the Warped Tour circuit, having played the 2015 tour. But this time they’re hitting the main stage! If you need a break from the heavier music of the day, make sure you head over to the Journey’s Left Foot Stage and get amongst these guys.

3. New Years Day

These guys are veterans to Warped Tour. They’ve been on four of them over the years, and this is their fifth appearance. They’re always a huge fan-favourite (and do a sick My Chemical Romance cover), and are playing the Journey’s Left Foot Stage all summer long! These guys are an absolute power-house and are honestly NOT to be missed.

4. Save Ferris

If we thought that New Years Day were veterans of Warped Tour, they have nothing on Save Ferris who did their first tour on Warped in 1998! This is their first appearance on the tour since 2000. If you’re in to ska-punk, these guys are essentially the defining band of the genre. Do not miss them this summer. They’re playing on the Journey’s Right Foot Stage, so you can easily catch them while you’re around there for New Years Day and Jule Vera.

5. Bad Cop / Bad Cop

This punk-quartet are justifiably angry at the state of the world. If you’re in to bands that have strong social and political messages, you’re gonna be in to Bad Cop / Bad Cop. They credit their perspective and expanded world-view on being an outspoken punk band, making music in the Trump era. So those people who said that if nothing else, Trump’s presidency would usher in a spectacular new era for punk music? Turns out they were right. Now, this is the first time these guys have ever been on Warped Tour, so make sure you go and show them some love on the Hard Rock stage this summer.

6. Sonic Boom Six

These guys are Warped Tour virgins, so go and throw some support behind them and make them feel welcome in the scene. They’ve been around since 2002, and are described as being ska meets dubstep, meets punk and metal. If that doesn’t sound up your alley (or if you aren’t at least totally curious) I don’t know what to tell you. These guys are going to be on the Skullcandy Stage all summer, so pop by and check them out for sure.

7. War on Women

Real talk- so here for all these socially-aware bands on the Warped Tour lineup this year. War on Women are particularly outspoken on super important social issues, and social justice. Anything that I say to describe them is honestly a disservice given how perfectly articulated their video is, which you should watch above. They’re also rocking the Skullcandy Stage this summer, so check them out while you’re there for Sonic Boom Six.

8. Courage My Love

These guys have caused quite a stir in their home-country of Canada. But this summer they’re destined to take over the American market too. If you’re in to pop-rock, these guys are for you. They’ve done Warped twice before, so this isn’t their first rodeo. Their second full length album came out earlier this year, and it’s honestly full of bangers. They’re gonna be playing on the Full Sail University Stage alongside Creeper, so check them both out at the same time.

9. Tillie

If you haven’t already heard of Tillie, strap yourself in because we are about to introduce you to your new fav. Tillie is an honest to goodness alt-pop powerhouse. Her music is relatable as heck, and her videos are so aesthetically pleasing that if I could live in one, I would. And she’s hitting the Full Sail University Stage of Warped with Creeper and Courage My Love this summer! Go and throw some support behind her, because it’s her first time out on Warped (and so that you can say you saw her before she was playing arenas, because that’s gonna happen).

Real talk for a second. Did you notice that each of these bands features a woman? Truthfully, this article is a direct reaction to the traditional alternative-media and their coverage of Warped Tour. Warped Tour is historically a festival that celebrates and champions diversity in their lineup, so it’s disappointing to consistently see the coverage of the lineup being minimised to a selection of vaguely attractive white boys in bands. Truthfully, we love all of these bands and artists regardless of gender. But in the spirit of fairness and diversity, we wanted to showcase some of the truly spectacular women in our scene.

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