Who are DBU Royalty?

DBU Royalty come from all across the world. They publish on a variety of platforms – among them you’ll find fans, podcasters, newspaper and magazine writers, bloggers, and YouTubers.

Reviews and ratings from DBU Royalty form have significantly more weighting and influence over our weekly charts.

How do I become DBU Royalty?

You can be come DBU Royalty by one of two ways;

  1. If you are a journalist or creator, please submit your application here showing us your work
  2. If you are a fan, simply write tremendous reviews on Don’t Bore Us, stay active and we will notice you! We often ask the most passionate fans to be DBU royalty.

Before anyone is crowned DBU Royalty, they go through a vetting process and be evaluated against our criteria.

Criteria for Royalty

Analysis: This can come from many things: a deep dive into the craft of music making, an analysis of lyricism, production or how a record cuts through culture. A discussion on social commentary, an enthusiastic argument. We look for engaging content that has a distinct voice and offers insight perspectives on music.

Quality: Reviews should observe grammatical rules and demonstrate clarity and structure, whether approved by an editorial staff or self-published.

Dedication: You regularly review and rate songs on DBU

Integrity: As DBU Royalty, you will also act as a moderator for our users. Therefore you will be able to approve fan reviews and ensure no spam or malicious content gets published on our site. We also do not tolerate plagiarism or coordinated malilous hate.

DBU Royalty