If you’ve managed to give Melbourne’s Bad Juju a listen, you’re undoubtedly one of the folks who have their finger on the pulse of the Aussie music scene.

Having formed back in 2017, the group quickly got about writing a cache of stunning songs. In fact, their work was appreciated so quickly that they were even named as triple j Unearthed’s 18th most-played artist in 2018. Not bad for a band that’s one year old, eh?

Since then though, the group have continued to knock things out of the park, throwing down a stunning BIGSOUND performance, supporting international names like Mayday Parade, and dropping huge singles like ‘Say It’.

But of course, any band will tell you it’s not all peaches and cream across the way, with even Bad Juju receiving their fair share of (thankfully minor) troubles throughout their short existence.

To celebrate the release of ‘Say It’, we sat down for a chat with the band to find out all about those times they’ve lived up to their name and experienced a bit of bad juju.

Check out ‘Say It’ by Bad Juju:


1. Flight Troubles

We attempted to fly to Adelaide for a show supporting Mayday Parade. However, one of the of the engines stopped working when we were up in the sky, so we had to do an emergency landing back into Melbourne.

We were absolutely shitting ourselves….except for Armarin who slept through most of it. Then we were delayed six hours getting onto the next flight and barely made the show.

2. Left Behind

Our guitars were left behind at a show in Canberra as we all thought they had been packed. They were actually next to the van….and we were really drunk (except for the driver of course). Blame it on the beer.

3. Locked Up

Our drummer Drue’s kit was locked inside his ute tray when and the lock decided to self destruct leaving the drums trapped inside. Luckily a locksmith rocked up 30 mins before our set to get it out for us! Stressful times but the show went off!

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4. Strapped In

Our bass guitarist Matt had his guitar strap snap mid song during a show in Frankston. Five minutes later, the same thing happened to our guitarist Armarin! Coincidence or sabotage?

5. Losing The Beat

Drum files for the Hidden Desire EP mysteriously disappeared! We ended up re-tracking them at no extra cost though thanks to our legendary friend helping us out!

Check out Bad Juju’s ‘Bloom’: