Formerly known as Back Talk, this punk band from America are politics and power-punk fused into one fiery molotov cocktail. They’re bored and tired of plain old punk lead by straight white men. They’re here to lead the revolution.

Pop-punk has seen a kind of recession in the last couple of years, a wide stretch away from its glory days. Every now and then a band will come along and try to reignite the flame, without much success in doing so. The fires of pop-punk are not eternal, and never pretend to be, but Baby Got Back Talk are slowly reigniting the spirit of the genre.

This American band has been at it for a few years now, and we discovered them via Instagram while scouring for someone who could be the Avatar of the pop-punk genre. Someone who could save us from this lack of new bands coming to the surface (with purpose).

We immediately saw the new video promo clip for ‘When They Go Low, We Go Six Feet Under’ under the hashtag of #sayhername, which is an incredibly important and motivated hashtag that surrounds the continuously abhorrent rates of black and trans deaths in America at the hands of white men or police officers.

Although we weren’t looking for music at the time of searching the tag, we’re glad we found Baby Got Back Talk. Straight away we knew that this band was up to something phenomenal.

Baby Got Back Talk is here to #decolonizepoppunk, and they plan on pushing that message even louder and louder, with their unique brand of political, black, queer and unapologetic pop-punk.

The band refuse to live up to your expectations, and know very well, like all of us, that the genre is scarily dominated by straight white guys. Most of the bands and artists we listen to every day fall under this category, and it is no secret that punk as a genre is sorely lacking diversity.

However, just listen to the music behind the band’s new video (which is incredibly powerful and moving), and try to tell me this band isn’t the full package.

They have everything we love about punk wrapped into one face-slapping package, and we simply cannot wait to see what they do next.

Watch the powerful vid for ‘When They Go Low, We Go Six Feet Under’ by Baby Got Back Talk below