Aya Yves has, once again, offered us a glimpse into her dark-pop universe with brand-new single ‘Smart Girls’. 

Aya produced the track alongside Australia’s reigning pop-producer king Xavier Dunn. The hypnotic song is a total testament to girl power.

“Breakups tend to make us question who we are, who we were in that relationship and what we can learn for next time. I walked into my session with Bri and Jordi coming off the tail end of a breakup, where my sense of self had taken a beating,” Aya explains of the track.

“What is now the chorus, was originally said as a joke! But when we tried it, it felt sassy in all the right ways. ‘Smart Girls’ is about that reflection on a relationship, and knowing that at the end of the day – you did all you could, you’re a badass, but the relationship wasn’t right for you.”

In celebration of the track, and in the spirit of all things girl power, AYA sent us through five kickass babes that have inspired her own musical journey.

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Florence Welch

I’ve looked up to Florence as a musician for such a long time – I’ve been on board since Lungs back in 2009. Her presence in self, connection to her lyrics and owning her vulnerability in a really strong way all make me absolutely idolise Florence. Add in the fact that she openly supports the LGBTIQ community, encourages her fans to donate to the American Civil Liberties Union instead of buying merch and seal it with her witchy earth mother vibes and I am SOLD. 

Maggie Rogers
Well firstly I feel like I need to acknowledge that Heard It In A Past Life is one of my favourite albums ever – and it only came out last year. Without a doubt, I can always turn to this album when I need a mood boost, when I’m road tripping, when I want a boogie or if I just want to listen to something and sing along at the top of my lungs – that album is it. I have so much respect for Maggie’s rise to fame and how she handled it. When her video of showing Alaska to Pharell went viral, she didn’t rush the music. She took the time to go live, to have experiences and write about them from an authentic space. The end result was the album that we know and love today. What I think makes her particularly badass though, is that she uses her platform to instigate social change. She toured the US with a Planned Parenthood booth at all her shows, encouraging fans to sign up to vote. She’s raised thousands of dollars for Yellow Hammer & Planned Parenthood through her own merch sales. I’m always in awe of her activism and feel proud that she’s one of my favourite role models for young womxn in this industry. 

Jaguar Jonze
Okay first up, this womxn DISLOCATED HER SHOULDER on national television and kept performing. If that isn’t badass energy I don’t know what is. I love that Deena is so involved in her own art direction, and her artistry scopes out much further than just the music (which is fab). As a creative of all kinds myself I find it inspiring to see someone who hasn’t limited herself to one creative outlet. The fact that she celebrated her debut EP release in an ambulance due to catching covid19 and still managed to hype up about her release was pretty incredible. On a more recent, and serious note – Deena, along with music photographer Mish (She Is Aphrodite) have been gathering stories of womxn in the music industry who have experienced sexual assault, surrounding a particular photographer and creating a platform for their voices to be amplified. Whilst the events coming to light have been awful – seeing the music community band together and support each other and those directly affected has been really heartwarming. Sarah Wolfe and Bel are pretty badass womxn in our industry – they’ve created a facebook group as a result of these events, as a safe space for womxn to share resources, stories and to support each other!

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Lizzo’s whole energy of self love is exactly the kind of bad b*tch energy we need more of in our lives. Any interview I see with her makes me love her more and more. Her sass, her confidence,  her humour not to mention her music make this womxn one of the most badass role models we have in the music industry. It’s impossible not to smile watching her interviews, or listening to her songs. Tell me a song that makes you feel as good about yourself as ‘Good As Hell’. That is the anthem that’s getting me through 2020.  Not to mention on her trip to Aus earlier this year she packed hampers for fire affected areas with Foodbank. She’s epic and her rise to success is one I keep etched in my brain as a reminder that absolutely anything can happen if you stay on the path.

Marilyn Monroe
So this is a story of womxn in the industry that particularly warms my heart. Marilyn’s vocal coach had recommended she listen to Ella Fitzgerald’s records to improve her own singing. The two met at one of Ella’s shows, and when Marilyn heard of Ella’s troubles booking a show at Mocambo due to racial & size discrimination – she hatched a plan to help. Monroe approached the club owner with the proposition that if he booked Ella to play, she would attend with celebrity friends in tow and sit in the front row each night. Knowing the press this would garner for the club, the owner agreed. The shows were a wild success, and the club extended Ella’s contract an extra week.

Obviously Ella Fitzgerald is an absolute powerhouse woman in her own right, but I wanted to shed light on this particular story because it shows true friendship as well as allyship – a long time before it was trending. The music industry can be a highly competitive place, so I always welcome stories of womxn building each other up and helping each other on the path to success. 

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