Lizzo and Ariana Grande took to Instagram to tease a brand new song together, titled ‘Good As Hell Remix’, and we cannot wait.

Pop megastars Lizzo and Ariana Grande have both taken to Instagram to tease a remix for Lizzo’s smash hit ‘Good As Hell’, and apparently it’s dropping sooner than we could ever have hoped for.

‘Good As Hell’ was already pretty perfect as it is, but now that we have Ariana Grande joining the fold, things just got ten times better.

It is unclear as to how this new remix came about or why it is coming our way so soon, but all we know is that it is going to be an absolute banger and we want it, like, yesterday.

Lizzo took to her Instagram live to tease the song using a Starbucks Grande cup, and thankfully a fan has captured it and reposted it with the hashtag #goodashell so everyone can rewatch the hilarious teaser.

Check out the video below:

And the fun didn’t stop there either. Lizzo then proceeded to pull out her laptop to play a lovely little snippet of the remix for her fans.

The voice that appears at the end is quite obviously Ariana’s, so speculation is out the window. We are GETTING this remix for sure.

While some people may be eagerly awaiting Kanye’s midnight album release, real ones know that the best release come midnight will be ‘Good As Hell Remix’.

Yep, according to the duo, the song will be coming out October 25th midnight, so get your streaming platform of choice at the ready.

You can watch Ariana Grande’s Instagram live where she also teased the brand new song first for all her fans.