Look guys, I’m disappointed. I’m not angry but I’m upset. Why? Because y’all have been sleeping on Aly & AJ since their iconic pop music comeback last year. It’s not fair, it’s not right, and frankly they deserve better.

In case you’re wondering who Aly & AJ are, cast your mind back to the ’00s when Disney Channel was at it’s peak. Aly Michalka gained notoriety for her role as Keely Teslow in Phil Of The Future. As was typical at the time, Disney signed the actor alongside her sister AJ to Hollywood Records where they released two iconic albums as Aly & AJ.

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From 2004-2008 the duo’s albums Into The Rush and Insomniatic spawned multiple smash hit singles including “Like Whoa” “Rush” and the timeless masterpiece “Potential Breakup Song”. They truly were the jewels in Hollywood Records’ crown.

Watch: Aly & AJ – “Potential Breakup Song”


After disputes with the label, the sisters left Hollywood Records, releasing some singles as 78Violet due to contractual issues with their name at the former label. The sisters went quiet in 2010 with a 78Violet album never seeing the light of day.

Last year in June Aly & AJ announced their return with the single “Take Me”, and it truly was the comeback single most artists dream of! The girls followed this up with the Ten Years EP in November 2017 and across four tracks they proved that their ten year absence from the pop scene was a damn shame.

Watch: Aly & AJ – “Take Me”


That’s why I am here today to tell you to STOP. SLEEPING. ON. THESE. ICONS. They are gearing up to drop the deluxe reissue of Ten Years soon which will feature the stunning “Good Love” alongside the original EP. The reissue will also hopefully feature more new music, as well as some live tracks from their sold out Promises tour.

It’s time we all gave these musical geniuses the respect they deserve. We will buy this EP, we will go to their shows, and we will wear their incredible merch with pride. We will NOT do these girls dirty and ignore their efforts as independent artists.

Check out a live video from their recent tour, and feel all the nostalgia as they perform their 2005 hit “Rush” for their adoring fans.

Watch: Aly & AJ – “Rush” live at Thalia Hall


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