Despite the unbelievable success and jovial appearance of Fifth Harmony, Ally Brooke has revealed that she “didn’t enjoy” her time in the band and has alleged it’s because she received mental and verbal abuse.

During the debut episode of her new podcast, The Ally Brooke Show, Brooke spoke freely about her experience to her listeners.

“We will be in the history books. That’s pretty incredible. We had hits, such anthems and great songs. But just being honest, because I feel like having my own show calls for me to just be real and open with you guys … I hate saying this. My time in Fifth Harmony, I didn’t enjoy it. I didn’t love it,” she said during the episode on Wednesday.

“It was hard because there was so much going on — so much behind-the-scenes, so much toxicity, so much abuse, so much abuse of power, so much mental abuse, verbal abuse. It’s horrible, and to me it’s a shame, because we were so big. I should have enjoyed myself more. I did so much for the group,” she continued.

All five members of Fifth Harmony were originally solo contestants on the UK version of The X Factor and were thrown together by producers when they failed to move forward individually. The girl group ended up coming third on the show but went on to achieve huge success.

In their time together Fifth Harmony won MTV awards, iHeartRadio awards and Billboard awards, among many other accolades.

Speaking of her time in Fifth Harmony, Brooke also shared that at the time she wasn’t actually aware of how successful the band really was.

“It was hard for many, many reasons. It was tough because I didn’t trust anybody around me, a lot of people that were in our circle. It really damaged me for quite some time, and for quite a while. I don’t want to hang onto the negative, but I have to be honest.”

“It changed my life. … I got to meet so many amazing friends. … We did so much, but it’s kind of the weird balance,” she explained. “It’s a balance of being grateful but also being OK with the fact that things were not OK for me.”

“Looking back at that, I sometimes don’t even realise how big we were,” Brooke said. “Because I guess if you’re part of something like that, you can’t even grasp because your life is moving 1000 miles a minute. It was such a whirlwind.”

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Former bandmate Camila Cabello left Fifth Harmony in 2016 and the band went on to a hiatus in March 2018.

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