One of the most unlikely trends to have surfaced this year was the renaissance of the sea shanty and now All Time Low has been subjected to this treatment. 

The renewed interest in the chanty was sparked by a TikTok video from 26-year-old Glaswegian musician Nathan Evans. On December 27th, Evans shared a small a cappella performance of ‘Wellerman’ — an 1800s sea shanty about whalers waiting for a ship to be restocked.

It didn’t take long for the video to reach the highest echelons of TikTok virility. In the weeks following, Evans went on to ink a three-album record deal with Polydor, releasing ‘Wellerman’ as an official single. The track landed at Number Four in the Official UK Singles Chart, behind songs by Olivia Rodrigo, The Kid Laroi and Little Mix.

It’s all incredibly good, wholesome shit. One of the rare reminders that the internet can actually offer some kind of joy amid the unrelenting bleakness.

Now, the viral trend he kickstarted has collided with another popular TikTok moment, the “it’s not a phase”, trend that’s been circulating over the past few weeks.

For context, over the past few weeks a new viral TikTok trend has emerged which sees users reflect on their favourite emo bangers from their salad days.

The trend mostly features the emo and pop-punk TikTok community share videos of themselves belting out the call-to-arms chorus of All Time Low’s ‘Dear Maria, Count Me In.’

These two trends have somehow crossed paths and amalgamated as one incredibly powerful force. At first I was apprehensive on how a sea shanty version of the So Wrong It’s Right classic would fare, but it’s absolutely cracking.

The swashbuckling interpretation of the track is courtesy of @sampopemusic, who transformed the track from a saccharine pop-punk banger to a truly swaggering seaside ditty.

When reimagined as a sea shanty, one pictures the fabled Maria to be a mythical, siren-like deity. Put on this earth to lure servile sailors to their death.

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It’s so good that All Time Low have caught wind of this sea shanty and shared their approval. Because they’re right, it was only a matter of time.