Imagining being apart of a band and never realising that your own album artwork had an easter egg. It’s a wild time for us all.

We know for a fact that we never noticed this sneaky piece of symbolism, and it turns out that All Time Low members didn’t even realise. This easter egg has quickly taken to be trending, and it seems that fans across the planet didn’t catch this hidden gem. Symbolism is everywhere, if you just pay attention. And now to the All Time Low album artworks that have shaken us all to our cores.

A super eagle-eyed fan has spotted that the artwork for the extended version of All Time Low’s 2012 album Don’t Panic isn’t quite as it seems… turns out the alien monster on the cover is actually tearing through the original artwork for their 2009 album Nothing Personal, and causing a big old chaotic mess.

So this is the artwork for Don’t Panic: It’s Longer Now:

Don't Panic

And here is the artwork for Nothing Personal to compare it with:

Nothing Personal

See the pattern around the outside? The signature black birds at the bottom? We are simply shooketh.

But it’s not just our minds that are blown – All Time Low guitarist Jack Barakat also didn’t know until the above tweet brought it to his attention.

He took to Twitter to write “Umm okay well it took me seeing this Fuckin post. So shit, I win.”

Some secrets are so solid even the band don’t know about them.

All Time Low frontman Alex Gaskarth did seem to know ahead of time, however…

Maybe he should have told all of his band mates about this massive secret. It’s been so long, when were they going to tell us this…

So catch us analyzing all of the artwork for All Time Low’s albums today to work out what else we’ve missed.