Pop-punk icons All Time Low have unleashed an acoustic version of their tune ‘Monsters’ from their latest album Wake Up, Sunshine.

All Time Low’s most recent album, Wake Up, Sunshine, came to life back in April, boasting an incredible 16 songs, with a few fan favourites soaring to the top of charts.

One of those popular new tunes? Number seven on the tracklist titled ‘Monsters’. Featuring singer-songwriter blackbear, the tune boasts a driving chorus, brilliant beats, and some grooving lines laid down by the guest artist.

The track quickly resonated with fans, and soared to the Top 10 on Alternative radio, so as “a little thank you,” All Time Low took to instagram to reveal an acoustic version of the track, accompanied by a video.

“You all helped ‘Monsters’ go Top 10 on Alternative Radio so here’s a little thank you,” they wrote to Instagram. “Track is available on all streaming platforms, and we’ve dropped a video on YouTube as well!”

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The stripped back version of the song reveals a bit more vulnerability when it comes to the lyrics, “I’m wondering why do all the monsters come out at night? / Why do we sleep when we want to hide? / Why do I run back to you, like I don’t mind if you fuck up my life?

Additionally, the new version sees frontman Alex Gaskarth throw a new spin on the portion that would typically belong to blackbear, when he takes on spitting the verses.

Check out the acoustic version of ‘Monsters’ by All Time Low:


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