Although we’re a little bummed the So Wrong It’s Right 10 year anniversary tour didn’t make its way to Australia, watching this live footage showcasing the coming together of two generations of pop punk just warms our heart.

State Champs’ epic frontman Derek Disciano joined All Time Low (the real fab four) onstage for a killer rendition of the iconic track ‘Dear Maria, Count Me In’. Deezy jumped on the bridge vocals, crooning along to the lyrics ‘take a breath don’t it sound so easy’ with the intensity of every fan who’s ever spent a night totally jamming alone in their room. Don’t lie, you’ve been there.

Watch them kill it below:

A while back Alex Gaskarth wasn’t sure whether the band would play the enduring album in full to celebrate it’s 10th birthday saying, “If we can fit it in, we will try. And if not, we’re definitely going to be paying a lot of attention to that record on the upcoming tours because we love it too, and it deserves its time again.”

The band did tear through tracks like ‘Poppin Champagne’ and ‘Six Feet Under The Stars’ when they hit Australia back in May, so they did keep some of their promises.

“We have a lot of tours lined up because of the new record. We’ve obviously seen all of you guys asking for So Wrong, It’s Right shows and a tour and stuff like that,”