It was only a matter of time before the perennial All Time Low hit ‘Dear Maria Count Me In’ carved out its TikTok legacy.

For context, over the past few weeks a new viral TikTok trend has emerged which sees users reflect on their favourite emo bangers from their salad days. The trend, lovingly dubbed ‘it’s not a phase’, sees the emo and pop-punk TikTok community share videos of themselves belting out the call-to-arms chorus of ‘Dear Maria, Count Me In.’

It was sparked by a video from TikTok user @yungricepatty, who was determined to prove that the era where we were all clad in JAGK jewellery, Drop Dead tees and the purple American Apparel hoodie was not a phase. Since the video first hit the platform, it has recieved 2 million likes and nearly 8 million views. You can check out a few of the choice offerings below.

@daltonmauldin5it’s not a phase ✊?? #ProjectCar #fyp #singing #dearmaria #jams♬ Dear Maria, Count Me In – All Time Low
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@dylangwilliams15Ahhh the nostalgia ❤️❤️ #dearmaria #momitwasneveraphase #fyp♬ original sound – Dylan G Williams

@_.suttonnn._@yungricepatty got me mad hype for no reason #MyStyle #BachelorReady #dearmaria #alltimelow♬ original sound – Sutton McAlister

@trashxm0uthMy jeans are tighter and my hair is even longer now. #fyp #fypシ #beard #tattoo #punktokers #music #lipsync #alltimelow #dearmaria #poppunk #emo♬ dear maria count me in – joel

Alex Gaskarth has weighed in on the trend, and admitted to having some kind of mystic seer power in the process. “I always knew Dear Maria would be a massive TikTok song when we wrote it in 2006,” the All Time Low frontman joked.

Last month, All Time Low unveiled their collaboration with pop juggernaut Demi Lovato on a reworked version of their chart-dominating single ‘Monsters.’