Today has been a VERY sweet day for music fans. So many thicc tunes have dropped, it’s hard to keep track of them all. Luckily for you, we’ve collated the best of the best for you here, so you’re sure not to miss any of these fresh bangers! Check out the new releases list below:

Twenty One Pilots – ‘Trench

Tracks we recommend: Morph, Pet Cheetah, Jumpsuit, My Blood


You Me At Six – ‘VI’

YMAS are finally back with their highly anticipated sixth album, aptly titled ‘VI’

Tracks we recommend: Back Again, Danger, Straight To My Head


Charli XCX & Troye Sivan – ‘1999’

The reigning king and queen of pop have finally dropped their long-awaited collaboration, and our wigs are nowhere in sight. From the track to the killer album art, we’re completely obsessed with this one.

LANY – ‘Malibu Nights’

Just listen to it. Right now.


Cub Sport – ‘Sometimes’

The etherial angels in Cub Sport are back tugging at our heartstrings again, this time with their latest bop ‘Sometimes’.


Alessia Cara – ‘Trust My Lonely’

Pop darling Alessia Cara has just unleashed an adorable new music video alongside her latest single ‘Trust My Lonely.’ The super fun video is vibrant, joyful, and exactly what we needed to round out today’s crazy amount of releases.


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