Shrek. Cultural phenomenon. Iconic face of the early 200o’s. A franchise that has spawned only three incredible films. (We don’t talk about the fourth.)

However, it’s the music that has become so classic to most of us, with timeless tracks being featured on ‘Shrek’ soundtracks since the very beginning, even making their way to vinyl.

We’ve compiled a list of the 8 best songs featured on Shrek soundtracks or in the films for all of your playlist needs.

1. ‘I’m a Believer’ – Performed by Smash Mouth


“I thought love was only true in fairy tales,” these words still ring in my mind to this day. And what would this list be without Smash Mouth? The song is just so perfect for the film franchise and stays true for the protagonist Shrek while still being relatable to listeners. It’s just a timeless classic honestly.

2. “Holding Out for a Hero” – Jennifer Saunders


One of the most iconic scenes and songs from the entire franchise. Endlessly replayable. Should be played in The Louvre. The song is just undeniably perfect, and although its matching scene is remarkable, the song has enough power on its own to be fantastic, even if it isn’t in C Minor.

3. “Bad Reputation” – Joan Jett


Such a great rock song with a great lead guitar and vocals from the timeless Joan Jett, which instantly remind us of one of the greatest fighting sequences in an animated film to date. “Give him the chair!”

4. “All Star” – Performed by Smash Mouth


Many a meme have been born from this masterpiece, but what kind of list would this be without it. Everyone who has seen or heard of Shrek knows this song is its unofficial theme, and it has racked up a crazy 231 Million views so far on YouTube.

5. “Isn’t It Strange” – Scissor Sisters


One of the more overlooked songs from the ‘Shrek’ series, but it is deserving of a place on this list for its great vocality and the undeniably feel-good vibes that it has. Definitely one to have a listen to, maybe just skip the movie that it hails from…

6. “Changes” – David Bowie & Butterfly Boucher


One of the greatest songs of all time in one of the greatest films – a match made in heaven. The film sequence as this song plays is one of the most memorable things about this franchise and it’s all bolstered through the power of music. If you haven’t already heard this song you’re missing out.

7. “I Need Some Sleep” – Eels


Eels have quite a few songs in the series so we chose one of the more memorable ones. The vocal tones and aesthetics on this song are so evocative of one of the more emotional scenes in the film, we just couldn’t skip this one.

8. I’m on My Way – The Proclaimers


A phenomenal song that barely needs to be mentioned. This is one of the best feel-good songs to exist and it’s more than earnt its spot on this list.