We are burnin’ up with excitement at the news of our favourite family trio’s return to music! Yes, that’s right the Jonas Brothers, JoBros if you will, are back. After announcing their return yesterday, the Jonas Brothers fandom rose from the ashes to welcome them back with open arms.

In honour of this glorious musical occasion, the Don’t Bore Us office has put on their detective hats to answer the long-awaited question… are the Jonas Brothers pop punk?

1. Nick declares his love for pizza


2. The JoBros declare love for pizza (again), and pizza delivery drivers


3. Share a pizza with friends

Joe Jonas and Ansel Elgort share a delicious pizza

4. Family is everything… and so is pizza

The Jonas Brothers enjoying a slice

5. The Converse era

The Jonas Brothers wearing Converse

6. Skating enthusiasts


7. Supported our pop punk queen, Avril Lavigne

Jonas Brothers and Avril Lavigne
Jonas Brothers and Avril Lavigne

In conclusion, the Jonas Brothers are pop punk at heart.

No matter what sound the Jonas Brothers release next with their newest single, ‘Sucker’, the boys will always be musical geniuses and I hereby declare that today be labelled as International Jonas Brothers Day!