Since forming in 2012, Stand Atlantic have spent eight years establishing themselves as a leader of the next generation of Aussie pop punk.

To call the band a ‘rising act’ or ‘emerging stars’ is doing them a disservice though, with their 2020 album Pink Elephant undoubtedly elevating them to the status of established punk powerhouse.

Over these eight years, they’ve changed their name once, changed their lineup a few times (with Bonnie Fraser and David Potter the constants), signed to indie stalwarts Hopeless Records, released three EPs, and two albums.

With 2020 singles like ‘Blurry’ and ‘Jurassic Park’ joining hits like 2019’s ‘Hate Me (Sometimes) on Pink Elephant, Stand Atlantic are now the polished article, and yet their music still brings the raw energy that characterised breakthrough releases like Sidewinder and Skinning Dipping.

Their push into the mainstream consciousness was never more evident than when Pink Elephant became their first ARIA Charting album, reaching #24 upon its release.

Here are 6 songs that prove that you should be paying more attention to Stand Atlantic:

‘Coffee At Midnight’

While I had heard of the band before this track, it was with the release of ‘Coffee At Midnight and their 2017 EP Sidewinder that I started to really sit up and take notice. Obviously Bonnie’s voice struck me straight away, but this song pairs her brilliants with references to some pretty heavy speed punk and metal, but not in a way that takes away from the incredible melody.


‘Lavender Bones’

The first single from their first-ever full-length album, ‘Lavender Bones’ had to be a strong release and boy did Stand Atlantic deliver. It’s a tune that also shows off how well they can compile a more understated verse and have it compliment a top-level punk chorus.

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‘Skinning Dipping’

If ‘Coffee At Midnight’ piqued my interest in these guys, it was the title track from their debut album ‘Skinning Dipping’ that cemented my status as a stan of Stand Atlantic. The perfect build-up, the hard-hitting chorus, and they also nail the changing timbres and textures of instrumentation in the mix. And boy, does the singalong bit in the chorus go hard at a live show!


‘Hate Me (Sometimes)’

This is another track where Bonnie’s vocals are the star, with a few new distortion techniques coming into play as well and a truly gorgeous outro. The counter-melody playing along behind the chorus and refrain is a really sick touch as well. And how bloody good is the 90s and 2000s-referencing music video. So very ABC’s Rage with the visual effects, the popping colours, filming in what looks like a little box, black paint and more.


‘Jurassic Park’

The fact that this song starts off with a Caribbean-style steel drum matching a guitar riff shows that Stand Atlantic don’t really care what you think about genre and conventions. That’s the type of attitude that has always characterised successful pop punk artists.



The latest radio hit from the band, which has been well-and-truly embraced by triple j. ‘Blurry’ brings together Stand Atlantic’s sometimes glitchy and often neon-punk referencing style. By now their sound feels to satisfying and full at all times. A dark and twisted music video is the icing on the cake.