The thing with 5 Seconds of Summer is, we’ll never stop being intrigued because they are constantly changing and evolving. You think you know everything about the band, but they keep you guessing. They are unpredictable, but in a well-thought out, calculated way.

If someone told me to take a bet on who would open with vocals on the Meet You There Tour, I’d throw my entire life savings on Luke. Luckily for me, no one mentioned such bet, because it was Cal. Babylon… And I’d be broke trying to find my way back from Pennsylvania to New York.

I’ve seen countless 5SOS gigs since 2013, from intimate shows with Channel [V] and NOVA to arena performances, and every time I leave thinking, “shit, they just keep getting better.” It was no different this time. While Allentown Fairgrounds wasn’t my favourite venue, this has been their best show to date.

The band know how to command a stage, from Ashton flipping sticks, Michael thrashing his guitar, Calum doing what he does best going from bass to keys… and Luke Hemmings… Luke Robert Hemmings. Wow. Sitting down effortlessly to a white piano and performing Ghost of You was the first time, in a long time, my jaw has dropped in awe of talent. Seeing 75+ shows a year, unfortunately you become harder to impress, but it’s what makes the moments when you’re blown away so incredible.

The live standout song was the closer, Youngblood. It’s hard hitting bass, perfect balance of percussion and heartfelt lyrics cut through the crowd. My personal favourite though? (Not that you asked, but I’m going to tell you), Lie To Me. Again, Luke at the piano, singing his heart out and later joined by the remainder of the band to throw the icing and sprinkles on the cake… and then if that cake was cut open and a winning lottery ticket was inside. Ya feel how good it was? That good.

You can check out the whole set list below:

  1. Babylon
  2. Talk Fast
  3. Moving Along
  4. She’s Kinda Hot
  5. Girls Talk Boys
  6. Waste the Night
  7. More
  8. Better Man
  9. If Walls Could Talk
  10. Ghost of You
  11. Amnesia
  12. The Only Reason
  13. Lie to Me
  14. Why Won’t You Love Me
  15. Valentine
  16. Jet Black Heart
  17. Want You Back


  1. She Looks So Perfect
  2. Youngblood

5 Seconds of Summer continue their Meet You There Tour through the United States before heading to Europe. You can get your tickets here.

Watch: 5 Seconds of Summer – Want You Back