If there is one thing I love in life, it is a strong powerful feminist filled LADY GROUP! So you could imagine my excitement when Little Mix powered straight through X-factor and stomped right on my heart with their super cute heels and badass dance moves.

Since forming in 2011, Little Mix has blessed our eardrums with 4 massive albums, chock full of certified Bangers. You may be able to bust out Secret Love Song in karaoke without even needing to look at the lyrics once, but I’m here to delve a little deeper, and deliver you 5 underrated Little Mix songs. You’re so welcome.

  1. Nobody Like You

Nobody Like You is the ninth track off their latest album, Glory Days, and let me tell you, I am always here for a power ballad. While Shout Out To My Ex was a giant F**K YOU to a certain someone (*cough* Zayn), Nobody Like You is it’s more emotionally driven twin sister.

Catch Me: listening to this as I’m crying and eating pancakes over the boy who didn’t make eye contact with me on the train.

2. Change Your Life

Change Your Life was the third single off their debut studio album DNA, which got a little overshadowed by the release of the first and second singles Wings and DNA.

The song is an anthem for girl power and sticking together, something the Little Mix girls are very outspoken about, with Perrie saying in an interview to Teen Vogue “Girl power means everything to me. When girls stick together, we’re a stronger force. When girls are bitchy, it’s such a shame because there’s no need for it and if girls stick together, we can take over the world.” I AM HERE FOR IT.

Catch Me: attempting to sing the harmonies in this song with my gal pals in the club while flicking away boys with my hair.

  1. The End


The twelfth track off their third album Get Weird, The End is a harmony-packed ballad about the end of a relationship, and I’m not sure whether I should be crying listening to it or rejoicing the return of the barbershop quartet.

Catch Me: listening to this on repeat and making myself into that one meme where you try to sing all the parts.

  1. See Me Now

Little Mix’s sophomore album Salute presented to us this totally unappreciated ANTHEM about showing the haters what you’re made of. With a distinct tribal feel and driving percussion, this song is bound to get you up and moving!

Jade said about the song, “We loved working with Nicole Roberts from Girls Aloud on the first album since she’s girl band royalty! As an amazing songwriter and lovely person to be around, it made writing this song with her so fun. We heard the beat first, and I think especially loved the Arabian influence of the production, which is what also inspired my vocal calls that Fred used as a sample. This was written quite early in the album process and we felt like we had a lot to prove, which is why I think ‘See Me Now’ packs such a punch! In the lyrics you can hear how we’ve grown in confidence from the last album, and we hope our fans feel the same about themselves when they hear the song”

Catch Me: listening to this song through my headphones as I power walk to work.

  1. F.U.

F.U., the third track off the girls’ latest album, is all about getting screwed over by boys. Relatable.

While this song was the second single off the album, it DEFINITELY didn’t get the acknowledgment it deserved. And by acknowledgement I mean it should have been played on repeated 24/7 for at least 6 months, as this song is a TUNE.

Catch Me: listening to this while plotting sweet sweet revenge….

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