It’s been 15 years since Paramore unleashed their debut record All We Know Is Falling on the world, announcing themselves to the world with an album that is now considered a scene classic.

The story of the lead up to this album began two years prior, in 2003, when Hayley Williams was signed to Atlantic Records as a solo pop singer. She was just 14 years old at the time.

Speaking with Hit Quarters in 2010, artist manager Jeff Hanson revealed that the label wanted to take her to Top 40 radio, but that Williams resisted. “I’m 14, I don’t want to be a pop artist, I don’t want to be out without a band. I’m more into alternative music. I don’t see myself being the next Madonna,” she said.

So she formed Paramore instead, joining with Josh Farro, Zach Farro and Jeremy Davis.

Together they began recording their debut album, but just after they travelled to Orlando, Florida to record the bulk of the record, bass player Davis left the band. So Paramore decided to theme the band around his departure.

“About two days after he left, we wrote the song ‘All We Know’,” Williams told The Trades in a 2005 interview. We decided we were going to base the album off of that, which is also what the cover means.

“The couch with no one there and the shadow walking away; it’s all about Jeremy leaving us and us feeling like there’s an empty space.”

Check out ‘Emergency’ by Paramore:


Despite receiving largely positive reviews from critics, the record had a weak domestic charting performance initially (though it did very well in Britain, reaching #4 on the UK Rock Chart.).

It was certified gold in 2014, after Paramore’s other albums had achieved critical and commercial success, but was a vital cog not only in the journey of Paramore but also the punk rock scene at the time.

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Many compared the record to contemporary releases by Avil Lavigne. When the album turned 10 Alternative Press retrospectively hailed tracks like ‘Emergency’ and ‘Pressure’, which over time have stood the test of time and whose influence can be seen on the pop-rock and punk rock scene in years since.

All We Know Is Falling has been certified Gold in the US, UK and Australia.

Check out the clip for ‘Pressure’: