Let’s not kid ourselves. We are totally obsessed with Eliza Grace and everything she does… especially her track, ‘Slightly South and Very West’. Not only has she released an epic new album (which you can listen to here), we thought it was time to bring you 14 fun facts you may not know about her. This is what she told us:

1. My first career goal as a kid was to be a contortionist in the circus.

2. If I wasn’t named Elizabeth Grace I was going to be named Kimberly Shay.

3. When I was born I was supposed to be physically challenged.

4. I had a lot of physical violence issues as a kid.

5. My freckles aren’t real. I put them on my face each morning.

6. I once ate 10lbs of brown sugar by the spoonful in 31 days.

7. I have a birthmark that grew on my body until I was 7, feels like sand paper and doesn’t tan in the summer.

8. I secretly dislike most female fronted hardcore bands. And that’s one reason why I decided not to go into that genre.

9. I put croutons in my ice cream.

10. I had a friend who lived on the streets in LA. He once took me around Los Angeles meeting his “street family” called the Hollywood Dogs. I later realized that was a very well known gang and that we all hung out.

11. I won second place in a banjo competition when I was 8, playing dueling banjos with myself.

12. I might trade my voice to be a drummer.

13. I once lost a bet while selling merch on a tour and had to cut one of my dreadlocks off and give it to the bassist.

14. My sister sees dead people.

Can’t get enough? Let’s throw it back a little with the below!

Watch: Eliza Grace – Drown (Bring Me The Horizon cover)