With Ottawa dropping their piping hot new single Wrong, we thought it was only right (ok, bad joke) to bring you 10 fast facts about the band.

BUT, before we do, give them a listen so you can understand why we are obsessing over them.


Ottawa is made up of Dale DeLong, Tim Czajka, Jeremy Barnes and Will Hooper, but we get it, you need more than names, you want facts… So here they are:

1. The bands name Ottawa came from the street Dale grew up on; Upper Ottawa in Slavic Village, Cleveland.

2. The Good Kind is one of their oldest songs. It was originally written four years ago, and they still play it at every show.


3. Dale and Will met at Cleveland State University in 2009.

4. In the summer of 2015, the band hit the road on a self-booked and self-funded tour. Eight shows, in seven cities.

5. They take inspiration from their favourite bands; Oasis, The Killers and Kings of Leon.

6. Will is obsessed with the guitar solo in Prince’s Purple Rain, and Oasis’s Live Forever. Oh we feel you buddy!

Watch: Prince – Purple Rain


7. All six of their new singles were recorded in Atlanta with producer Matt Goldman.

8. Dale has no formal music, vocal or songwriting training… Damn these people who are just naturals!!

9. Tim was originally the bassist in the band before switching to guitar.

10. The next single to drop will be Friends, and it’s Will’s favourite song from the band. It’s a power pop 80’s anthem that vibes like The Killers.

Be sure to watch this space for more updates on the band as they continue to kill it in 2018.

Watch: Ottawa – No More Love Songs