It’s been a couple of years since we’ve seen new music from The Used. Now, it seems like the wait might be over, as the group are teasing a big announcement on their website.

As fans of the band might realise, the group’s Facebook account has been sharing a link to the group’s website, with the caption “Monday, August 21”. That alone doesn’t give us much information, until you check out The Used’s website.

If you visit The Used’s official website, you’ll be greeted by a fancy little music player. Pressing play, it presents small snippets at random from previous singles that the bands have released. However, after hearing tracks from songs such as ‘All That I’ve Got’, ‘The Bird And The Worm’, ‘A Box Full Of Sharp Objects’, ‘I Come Alive’, and ‘Blood On My Hands’, another song starts to play, one called “…”.

This mystery song is a snippet of a poor quality recording that sounds like it could have been recorded live. So, what does this mean? Plenty of singles, then a strange, unknown song? Maybe it’s a greatest hits compilation? They usually feature some unreleased or rare tracks on the end right?

Well, let’s do a little bit of exploring…

If we have a look into the source code of the website, we can discover an unknown track that uses a name called ‘Over And Over/Distressed’, so could this then be the name of the new song? Well hold tight, because it just gets better from there.

A user on Reddit put forth the claim that the unknown song is set to be released on an upcoming album called The Canyon, which is set for release on September 15th, with the official announcement set to come on Monday.

Of course, this Reddit user doesn’t state a source, so this could be all lies, but then, it could also be true, which is much more exciting. On the plus side, it’s only one more sleep until we find out just what The Used have in store for us. Either way, we’re so very excited.

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