You Me At Six are about to embark on their Australian tour. Before anything, tour mates Hellions have some hard hitting questions about biscuits for frontman Josh Franceschi.

1. If you had £5, what 4 pack of beer would you buy from the offie and who in the band would be left out?

Well I’d want that good shit so if a fiver didn’t cut it I’d steal it. Peroni beer baby.

Just a quick royal rumble should do it, see who’s worthy.


2. Hobnobs or Digestives?

I’m not sure either of these are vegan but it’s gotta be Hobnobs, especially as I know this answer could genuinely piss off Dan. 


3. Why are Hellions your favourite Australian band? 

You’re not, Tame Impala are. Then probably Parkway, Sticky Fingers, Tonight Alive. You’re top ten though. For sure. Nah all jokes aside you guys are very safe and the tunes are great. Can’t wait for our short tour.


4. What is your favourite mispronunciation of ‘Franceschi’?

Gotta be Fran Sexy. To be honest, I’ll take it. Compliments are hard to come by in 2017.


5. While on tour, do you like to keep healthy and in shape or are you more susceptible to the party life? Or is it a “healthy” mix of both?

Work out in the morning and ruin it in the evening. The classic.


6. What is your favourite city/venue to play, in the world? 

Melbourne is up there for me. But we’ve had a Wild festival season. Czech Republic was madness.


7. What is the significance of the number six? 

It’s not really significant to be fair. Not sure what it’s part of our band name.


8. What’s your go-to way to kill time on long flights? 

Alcohol and annoying other passengers. Always find it makes us rather popular on the flight too.


9. Do you find that writing songs about things that have happened in the past, keeps you in the past, when having to perform them every night? Or do you consider it a therapeutic release? 

Definitely the later. Very therapeutic and I enjoy seeing that a song we wrote for ourselves has now been owned and celebrated by others.


10. What can we (Hellions) expect from these shows over the weekend? 

Probably the best 72 hours of your lives I imagine. 

The You Me At Six, Hellions and Columbus tour kicks off this weekend. All the details can be found HERE

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