Green Day have announced that they are going to perform on Facebook Live tomorrow morning in order to raise money for those affected by the recent Hurricane Harvey, which notably affected Houston, Texas.

Taking to Facebook today, the group outlined their plans to help raise money for those affected. “It’s time to band together and help those affected by Hurricane Harvey,” they wrote. “Tomorrow at 4pm EST we’ll be doing a performance on Facebook Live to raise money for Americares to support their Harvey relief efforts to help survivors.”

So if you live in the Eastern Standard Time zone, Green Day are set to perform at 4pm, Tuesday, September 5th. If you’re in Australia, that’s going to be 6am on Wednesday, September 6th. So make sure you set your alarm nice and early to make sure you don’t miss out on this.

Of course, you’re encouraged to donate to the Americares charity as well, to help those affected by the hurricane. If you’d like to do that, just head along to the Americares website and follow the prompts there. But if you’re unable to do so, don’t worry, Green Day’s performance will still be available to watch for free.

Of course, Green Day aren’t the first ones to do such a thing. Remember how Fall Out Boy announced a few days back they were donating all proceeds from their Houston show to Hurricane Harvey relief? Then, there was also Coldplay, who last week performed a song that they wrote specifically for victims of the hurricane, after being forced to skip Houston due to the extreme weather.

So if you’re keen to check out Green Day’s Facebook Live performance, you can tune in below to see the group deliver a bunch of songs for a good cause.

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