Gerard Way is an enigma. Rockstar, author, illustrator, comic book writer, soon-to-be-producer of a Netflix series– it really seems like there’s nothing that Gerard Way can’t do. Recently he caught up with PopBuzz, and chatted all things comic books, and The Umbrella Academy– but he also talked candidly about the state of My Chemical Romance after the breakup, and what he thinks of Twenty One Pilots‘ cover of Cancer.

In talking about how My Chemical Romance has had a strange trajectory since the tragic break up in 2013, accumulating a larger and more dedicated fanbase than ever over the four years since the split, Gerard jokes “I did become aware that the band gained more life after breaking up. I mean if you think about the themes of MCR, it was almost supposed to become more powerful in death (laughs). That really fits in”.

But if you’re interested in what Gerard thinks of Twenty One Pilots, and their cover of Cancer, which appeared as a part of Rock Sound‘s 10th Anniversary of The Black Parade? He gives the boys in Twenty One Pilots a glowing review: “it was great. I was really impressed. I didn’t know what to expect and I was surprised by what I heard. Because there’s a bit of re-juggling of parts and I was like ‘wow, this almost sounds like a remix’ but it’s a cover by way of this, kind of, rearrangement and I was really impressed with it. I like that band anyway, I like the sound of that band. I think what they do is really interesting. So, I was psyched to hear that cover”.

Gerard takes his praise even further when asked if he thinks there’s a line of influence, with Twenty One Pilots continuing the legacy of My Chemical Romance through their themes and experimentation with musical influence by commenting “Yeah, I think so… They’re a good band. I was really psyched about [their cover]. I was in to it”.

He also talked on the bands’ ongoing relationship with their record label Warner Brothers, and their decisions around re-releasing My Chemical Romance records and merchandise, insisting “we have a great relationship with (the record label) Warner Brothers and they really know what our vibe is so they’ve kinda understood what we do”. When it comes down to who decides what to re-release though, “we usually let the record company lead with that stuff. Basically, every once in a while they’ll come to us and say ‘hey, what do you guys think about doing, for example, a 10 year Black Parade release’ and we’ll be like ‘alright, cool’. And then we’re a little bit involved just from an art standpoint but don’t really get involved much past that”.

While we might be holding our breath indefinitely for a My Chemical Romance reunion, that doesn’t mean you can’t jam all of the classics:

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