Once upon a time, there was an emo band called My Chemical Romance, and things were pretty swell. Then, the dark times came and the band announced they were breaking up, much to the despair of pretty much anyone with ears. Now, ex-MCR frontman Gerard Way has spoken about he turned to the world of comic book writing following the band’s dissolution.

As iNews reports, Gerard Way recently spoke about how the band’s existence began to crumble with the high expectations placed upon the group to record a follow-up to the critically acclaimed The Black Parade.

“I like playing with expectations. I thought, ‘Whatever we do next, everyone’s going to hate it – there’s just no way we can top that [album].’,” he said. “A lot of time had passed, too, so there’s all this added pressure on top of you.”

“It was tough on all the guys. We scrapped records, spent millions of dollars, and we were touring on this record, and it didn’t feel like the world needed My Chem anymore.”

But since My Chemical Romance broke up, Gerard Way has spent his time working in the world of visual arts – something he’s done for years, having previously worked as an intern at DC Comics.

“The thing that got me through Danger Days – because it was such a difficult record to make – was all the extra stuff I threw on top it,” Gerard Way stated. “I think of that album as more of an art project than I do music, because we put so much art into it.”

“We had to make the record twice, which is never fun, and I think at that point I was starting to lose focus and interest in the business and fame aspect.

“I was kind of checked out, and the only way I could make it fun for myself was to do a bunch of drawings, help design some costumes, make up this world – it was me trying to keep myself interested,” he continued. “Looking back, I think I probably just needed to take a break.”

While Gerard Way has been busy overseeing an imprint of DC Comics called Young Animal, it doesn’t look like there’s a My Chemical Romance reunion on the way any time soon. “We all got together recently and it was wonderful – we didn’t even talk about the band or playing shows again”

“I don’t know if anything will happen in the future, but what I do know is everyone has a really great life right now.”

While we’re busy crying our hearts out at the fact there’s no My Chemical Romance reunion yet, take another listen to the band’s final single ‘Fake Your Death’, below.

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